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Smart Cities – Intelligent Urban Growth

 2015 will be a defining year that marks the ascent of Smart Cities. A smart city is one in which the seams and structures of the various urban systems are made clear, simple, responsive and even malleable via contemporary... https://positiveinvest.com/smart-cities-intelligent-urban-growth/

Our Legacy

Sustainability is fundamental to everything we do.We consider the environmental, social, ethical and financial impacts of every decision we make. We pride ourselves on our abilities to support responsible economic growth. Our aim has always been to improve the... https://positiveinvest.com/our-legacy/


Positive is delighted to announce it's foray into the Travel industry with the launch of Wiztrips. WizTrips is a global travel company offering travel products through innovative online and retail channels. Wiztrips will offer Flights, Hotels, Cruises, Tours and... https://positiveinvest.com/wiztrips/

Positive Capital Fund

Positive Investment Enterprise has launched a new unlisted wholesale fund - Positive Capital Fund (PCF). PCF will specialize in financing Equities, Property, Resources and Venture Capital deals. The Fund provides investors access some of the World's best performing managed... https://positiveinvest.com/positive-capital-fund/
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